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Dr. Stanislao Rizzo

He is Graduated in medicine at University of Florence with honors in July 1981 and on 07-07-1986 he specialized in Ophthalmology with honors at the same University.
In 1988 started his career at Cagliari University, and in 1992 moved to the University Hospital in Pisa, where in 2001 became Director. In 2014 became associate Professor and director of the Ophthalmology Unit at University Hospital in Florence. In September 2019 became Full Professor at the same University. In January 2020 moved as Full Professor to Chair the Catholic University in Rome.
Dr. Rizzo is an internationally recognized retinal clinician, surgeon and educator.
He was awarded several international prizes. Among them, In 2006, the “Senior Honor Award Recipients based on contributions through 2006″, Cannes, American Association of Retina Specialists (ASRS); in 2013, the Prize ”Innovative Surgeon of the year”, Alfred Mann Foundation Award for Scientific Achievement, Los Angeles (USA), and donation of a prosthesis Argus 2 (73.000 Euro) to plant in an Italian patient affected by retinitis pigmentosa; the“ American Academy Achievement Award 2017” for many years of distinguished participation in the scientific programs by the American Academy; the Innovator SOI Medal Lecture 2017 – Artificial retina: “state of the art”, by the Italian Ophthalmology Society; the “Yasuo Tano Award” during the meeting of the Club Jules Gonin, Jersey July 2018” for his outstanding research in Vitreoretinal Disease”; the “Gisbert Richard” Keynote lecture Euretina 2020.
Since 2015 he is International Representative Member of the American Society of Retina Specialist.
In January 2020, he was also awarded the highest civil Honour by the Italian Republic, the title of Grand’Ufficiale of the Italian Republic.
He also received from the Italian Minister of Health the Bronze Medal for public health assistance

Dr. Rizzo organized several international meetings:
2003 – Organizer of the International Congress “Endotamponade in Vitreoretinal Surgery”
June 2006 – Organizer of the International Congress “HEA-TAM 2” Viareggio, Italy
21 April 2007- Organizer of the International Congress “25-23-g g MIV Up-to-date” Pisa, Italy.
10-13 December 2015- Organizer of the International Congress FLORETINA 2015 – Florence, Italy
27-30 April 2017- Organizer of the International Congress FLORETINA 2017 – Florence, Italy
06-09 June 2019- Organizer of the International Congress FLORETINA 2019 – Florence, Italy
From 11-11-2017 to present – Organizer of the International Congress Vail Vitrectomy 2019 – Vail – Colorado, USA

He is holder of several Patents:
– Colored Perfluorocarbon Liquids,
– A double cutter vitrectomy probe (presented at ASRS 2011 and nowadays adopted by all the companies producing vitrectomy probes)
– An Ultrasound vitrectomy probe.

His interests cover a variety of topics including new advances in vitreoretinal surgical techniques, the development of artificial vision and robotics, new surgical options for macular holes, new treatments for macular degeneration, and sustained release drug treatments.

In 2011, he was one of the first surgeon in the world to plant the first retinal prosthesis Argus 2 approved for the usage in a patient’s eye affected by pigmentosa retinitis, and still is the single surgeon who implanted the largest number of these prosthesis (55 implants).
He also introduced Human Amniotic Membrane Patching for treatment of macular holes, and currently this technique is worldwide used to treat very large or failed macular hole and large myopic macular holes.

He reassessed previous findings regarding the different surgical techniques for macular hole, publishing a large series of patients affected by large macular hole successfully treated with inverted flap technique, resulting in a wider adoption of this previously introduced technique for large macular holes.

He is the principal investigator of numerous clinical trials investigating new forms of treatment for retinal conditions, and he is involved in multiple major national research studies.
He has served as Invited Faculty at over 300 scientific meetings and has delivered over 400 scientific presentations at national and international scientific meetings.

Dr. Rizzo appeared on The Ophthalmologist’s Power List 2019 as one of the top 100 most influential people in the world of ophthalmology. He was named as a Surgical Pioneer, presenting alternative approaches to the ophthalmology community.